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Our story

Success story, passed from generation to generation.

Scheffer Sistemas de Armazenagem, founded in the city of Ponta Grossa, Paraná, has a rich and fascinating history. Founded in 1974 by MR. FREDERICO NICOLAU SCHEFFER and his wife MRS. ELIANE SOAVE SCHEFFER, the company grew from a small metallurgical company to become one of the main names in the storage systems industry in Brazil.

Mr. Frederico and Eliane, visionaries and entrepreneurs, realized the need for such a viable company on the national scene. With determination and hard work, they will turn your vision into reality, establishing Scheffer Storage Systems and paving the way for success.

Over the years, Scheffer Sistemas de Armazenagem has remained faithful to its mission of providing high quality products and services. The company is known for its dedication to innovation, always looking for new ways to improve its processes and products.

In 1988 in the state of Manaus, the company acquired a farm for legal timber exploration, a property measuring more than 145 THOUSAND HECTARES.

The development was so great that around Madeireira Scheffer Ituxi, a village was formed with families who worked in the industry, always thinking about the development of their employees. Mr. Frederico built a school to teach workers and their children literacy. It was more than literacy, the school offered workshops to teach about planting, sewing and conscious fishing. Today the school is municipal and bears the name: ESCOLA MUNICIPAL FREDERICO SCHEFFER.

Today, Scheffer Sistemas de Armazenagem is a testimony to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Scheffer family that continues to prosper with their sons MARCELO SCHEFFER and FABIANO SCHEFFER and their grandchildren heading the company, always innovating and seeking new challenges, contributing significantly to the local economy and national. Scheffer's story is an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the power of vision, determination and hard work.








Fundação da Metalúrgica Scheffer.

Criação da reserva de preservação ecológica Scheffer Ituxi

Criação da escola municipal Frederico Scheffer.

Divisão da Scheffer Automação e da Scheffer Sistemas de Armazenagem.

Inicio do ciclo da segunda geração da Família Scheffer.

Transição para o mercado privado.

Inicio no novo ciclo de modernização fabril.

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